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A Little About Dennis Rego



Dennis Rego is a young but established leader in the business community. Having spent the last 20 years in sales and marketing, he is aware of what sells, what is profitable, and how buying decisions are made. Of those years of building sales profitably, Dennis has spent the majority of it in leadership roles. He has led teams of salespeople and customer service reps, and has applied and taught his extensive sales training for years. He has been responsible for over $100 million of revenues for companies ranging from local to regional to international. Having learned all of the “secrets” to how businesses grow, he has decided to devote himself to helping businesses within his community find prosperity.

Over the last ten years, Dennis has honed the skills of designing and managing online businesses (websites) that foster action from visitors and growth for businesses. This stemmed from the understanding that websites have moved from being a necessary online “brochure” to being a true online business. A business’ website is the foundation for all marketing and new customer acquisition efforts, and designing and managing it properly can affect sales growth.

Dennis Rego is a sales marketer first, and tech geek second. The combination means certain sales growth for any clients he works with. You are invited to become one of those clients.